Fetish Model Chick

She was the classic definition of petite: about five feet tall and not much more than a buck and some change with long red hair that she kept wrapped around various utensils. When we met for the first time she showed me her fetish photos. The thing that struck me was the unusual Doppelgänger quality that the photos had. In person, she looked sweet and innocent, like a sexy girl next door. But in the pictures was a woman, larger than life, posing in an abandoned warehouse in shiny latex, juxtaposed with garbage, rusty pipes, and hobo furniture. In other words, the perfect punk rock playground kids! She snarled and smiled viciously like a succubus straight from hell in the pictures. I liked this gal!

After talking a couple times we found out that our taste in literature was pretty similar. She asked me if I knew when the narwhal bacons, which is a huge plus for me! (how did she figure out I would know?).

But the more I got to know her, the more I sensed her starting to clam up. Fuck, noooooo, not this time! Please let this one work out….

The first time we went out she mentioned that she had been sleeping on an air mattress and so I immediately took her for a shopping trip to IKEA to at least get a real bed. Yes, I know, IKEA is the opposite of punk rock, but I’m not going to impose my bedding preferences on this poor girl that I only just met. She was super appreciative of the new furniture and we had a ton of fun testing and bouncing around on the beds. If I knew her a little better I would have suggested we stay there past closing and have some fun…


Well, fuck me. We went out on a date and she pretty much totally ignored me. After asking her delicately several times what was up she finally confessed to me that she had a boyfriend and that our relationship was messing with her feelings. I wasn’t sure what to tell her, but I realized that her distracted and disassociated persona was pretty much how I had been acting for the past six months, and maybe I’m getting a little bit of my own medicine for once. I mean, I wasn’t really deeply emotionally invested in this chick, but she sure had a lot going for her, and I didn’t get anywhere close to doing all the crazy art stuff I wanted to do with her.

I spoke to her a couple more times about her man, and apparently she is pretty deeply in love with him. He’s a lucky guy, because she’s an amazingly intelligent, attractive, and sexually charged gal with a lot to give and a total punk rock spirit. Ironically, the whole affair kinda kick started me and snapped me out of my funk that I had been in for the past (almost) year and I think I’m ready to really get back in the swing of things again. Stay tuned spuds!

she sings from somewhere you can't see
she sits in the top of the greenest tree 
she sends out an aroma of undefined lust 
it drips on down in a mist from above


Goth Apartment

After seeing The Cure and going on a couple of sushi dates, Goth Chick invites me over to her apartment. By this point I know she’s pretty straight forward and really chill about whatever we end up doing, which is PERFECT since I’m the same way. I meet her on the street in a really cool part of Hollywood, which she describes as “ghetto” but I see as totally and utterly PUNK ROCK! Her building looks like one of those classic Hollywood high-rise apartments from the 1940s, with ivy growing on the sides and small balconies along the fire escapes. She meets me on the street and takes me to an elevator with a regular hinged door on it. It was almost as if she opened a closet, and inside, was an elevator. It was small and lined with some sort or mahogany, scratched up from decades of use. It would be a perfect place to kiss someone for the first time, or exchange a quick passionate embrace before getting to the room for some real heavy petting.


We spent some time together but things kinda fizzled out between us. I’m not sure if it was because I was still kinda strung out about Makeup Girl or what was going on in my head. I could tell she could tell I was preoccupied and that made me even more preoccupied about being distracted. The truth is that sometimes life can throw a curve ball at you and no amount of ignoring it can make some feelings go away, even if you THINK they aren’t really there (but they are). The thing about this particular girl was that we shared a lot in common, as far as our tastes went, and she was really really cute. Like, a 9 or 10. She was so attractive, guys would constantly be tugging at her for attention when we went out. She had dated a couple of celebrities, and I even brought her to meet some of my friends. Unfortunately, this was a classic case of the right person at the wrong time. I hope she doesn’t think it was her that I wasn’t interested in.

You can get addicted to a certain 
kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end
Always the end
So when we found that we could 
not make sense
Well you said that we would 
still be friends
But I'll admit that I was 
glad that it was over

The Cure

Every Punk Rock guy has a soft side for Goth Chicks, even if they can be a bit moody and melodramatic. Well, guess what? This Punk Rock Sugar Daddy has been feeling a bit down in the dumps since the Hair and Makeup Breakup so what better way to cheer up than with a gorgeous and intelligent Goth Girl.

We met to get to know each other at a bar and ended up talking until it closed. This was a great sign! I have to admit that I had no idea if she liked me or not after the first meeting because she spent a lot of the time brooding and looking a bit sullen. Though, after she called me again I kinda put two and two together and realized that dark and brooding is her SOP.

She’s not your typical Goth Chick. She works in fashion so she’s always looking absolutely stunning, but in an unassuming way. She’ll rock boots and an east coast style overcoat and tie it all together with red lipstick. But what really makes her interesting is her honest personality and knowledge of music. I asked her if she liked living in New York where she recently moved from and she said it was a lonely and isolated place. Now, she could have said what every other douche bag says and recalled how living there “opened up my eyes to urban living” but no, she made it real. And I really appreciated her honesty and vulnerability in opening up about it!

But her musical taste is where we really hit it off. It turns out that she is a big fan of The Cure so I got on Stub Hub and got us some nice seats to see them in LA. She said “Are you sure you want to listen to four hours of The Cure” and I was like FUCK YES! Not so much because I’m a die-hard Cure fan, but more because I just fucking love good music and can’t get enough of it! Seriously, I’m a bit strange this way.

While standing with her and rocking out to The Cure and Robert Smith’s dry humor through the whole thing I couldn’t help but wonder what life has in store for Goth Chick. She’s definitely miles smarter than the people she works with, and I’m wondering if I should encourage her to take some Entertainment Law classes. Maybe Goth Chick will turn out to be more of a mentor relationship than other SBs?

Well, at one point she turned to me and asked me what my favorite Cure song is and I knew right away that it’s Fascination Street. The song highlighted an experimental phase for me in my teenage years, and even now it kindles a fire started long ago.

Oh it's opening time
Down on fascination street
So let's cut the conversation
And get out for a bit
Because I feel it all fading and paling
And I'm begging
To drag you down with me

Makeup Breakup

All good things must come to an end, and it appears that Hair and Makeup girl and me are no longer hanging out. I’m not  going to over analyze it here other than to say it was really fun for a while, and I am so happy I got to meet her and be a part of her life for a short time. Though, I have to admit that the whole episode made me a little bit physically ill, meaning the emotional toll affected me physically. Yes, PRSD can drink all night and party every day without so much as a cough sideways, but this whole business with Makeup gave me the sniffles.

In the end, it did blow up in flames in a crescendo of misunderstood text messages and hurtful words. But anything else wouldn’t be punk rock, would it?

Highlights were definitely listening to music and making out, sharing bands, and lots and lots and lots of drinking. It was kinda amazing how much this little punk rock sugar baby could drink and still remain sarcastic, sassy, and hilarious.

It’s ok and it’s alright.

So much drama in the LBC

Someone busted in Hair + Makeup’s car window last night (of course, PRSD is going to take care of it) but it reminds me of how tough life can be when you’re trying to make it. I mean, being Punk Rock is tough in itself, but then add all the other motherfuckers in the world who are just out to fuck people and it adds a whole new dimension of fuckery. I mean, really? You’re going to take something that clearly isn’t yours and bust out a window for the added expense of fixing that shit?

Now I know that it might be in vogue to be a pacifist right now, but I can guarantee that if I knew who did this I would pass-my-fist up this guy’s ass.

“So much drama in the LBC…”

Punk Rock Hair + Makeup Girl 4 – Mortal Kombat

Just coming back from a looooong night out. It’s almost 5 AM on a Thursday night and this Punk Rock Sugar Daddy has a long schedule of business meetings in a few hours. How do I do it? I don’t fucking know. I just do it.

So I met with Hair + Makeup girl tonight after work and she told me she needed some cash for a trip this weekend. Any other SD would have been like, yeah babe, here’s some cash. But that wouldn’t be Punk Rock! Continue reading

Part Time Punks at The Echo

The Make-Up once sang “I’ve heard all about Saturday night, but what about Sunday morning?” Well, what about Sunday night?

There’s nothing more Punk Rock than going out on a Sunday night. The bastard red-headed-stepchild-night of all the nights, Sundays are often denigrated as the night nobody wants, left to sob in the corner, rocking back and forth with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in its hand. That might be why any good Punk Rock citizen will take Sunday night by the hand and caress it’s lonely pale cheekbone, tenderly kissing its forehead with the kind of love only a good Punk Rock Sugar Daddy can provide. Continue reading

Punk Rock Hair + Makeup Girl 3

While we were hanging out on the second date over at her house, I had the idea that maybe I can pay off a couple of Hair + Makup Girl’s bills so she could relax with me on a mini vacation out on the coast. I’ve been really slammed at work recently, and she has been stressing out about her rent, parking tickets, etc. Naturally, we could make an arrangement where I’d help her with her stressful situation if she could be my little ray of Punk Rock sunshine. I proposed the idea that we take a break and she loved it! Continue reading

Punk Rock Strip Clubs

Personally, I’ve never gone to a strip club alone. I don’t look down on guys who go to strip clubs alone but it just takes so much of the fun out of it. There’s nothing like talking about work, or politics, or music, or whatever, with your best friends, while surrounded by music and really hot, attractive females wearing close to nothing.

I mean, if I went to a strip club alone, my mind would probably start wandering and I’d begin to think about all the shit I’d need to do around the house, and the bills, and my clients and what they need.

So I thought I might compile a list of clubs that are cool, chill, and have the kind of punk rock girls this daddy likes to check out. Continue reading